Tuesday, September 22, 2009
  Looking for the Master's of Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology?
You may be looking for the Master's of Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology program at the University of Waterloo's Centre for Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology.
Friday, May 12, 2006
  MBET News
Some news on the success of current MBET students from Howard Armitage, the Director of CBET:

...the LaunchPad$50K winners were announced today at Bingeman's in front of a crowd of 500 people. I'm delighted to let you know that we came close to a complete sweep.

MBET teams won the Gold, Silver and .5 Bronze. Our Cellugen Team came first and won $25,000; College and University Explorations came second and won $15,000 and Zapweed, consisting of two Guelph students (one of whom is coming to MBET next year) and an MBET student came third winning $5,000.

In addition, two other MBET teams were ranked 4th and 6th.

Which is pretty incredible news. And more incredible news from other business competitions:

Recently, our MBET teams have performed exceptionally well in local and international business competitions. From over 200 submissions to the prestigious JUNGLE venture capital competition in San Jose, CA, that included Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Duke, and MIT, two MBET teams placed in the final 8. Another team, with a promising cancer treatment, came second in a recent Ivey competition and has now made it to the second round of the Boomer Venture Business Plan Competition in Santa Clara. We are currently in the final round in a major Hong Kong competition with a nanodrivers company project.

So while being in the first MBET class was an incredible experience, it looks like things just keep getting better. Congratulations to all the MBET students winning these awards and best of luck on getting the businesses off the ground!
Friday, September 09, 2005
  You're the guy with the blog!
Ok, the post-post-etc joke gets stale, so I'll drop it.

Anyway, Wednesday night was the start-of-term BBQ at Howard's house for the latest generation of MBET students. The third generation to be exact.

And imagine my surprise when a bunch of them said "Ethan? You're the guy with the blog!" So a number of them read my stuff about MBET. Yay. Good luck people.

This year's class is 34 people, up from 22 and 23 the first two years. While that means the rather small CBET rooms will be crowded, CBET is moving to new digs sometime in the new year. Space has been secured in the new accelerator center on the north campus. Which is pretty cool. Lucky people.

Also, Howard was pretty excited about changes made to the finance course this year, which he said he wanted to sit down and take. That's an awesome improvement. It's really exciting to see how the CBET faculty are so committed to improving and refining their execution of the vision of CBET.

And this year's class looks as smart and dynamic as ever. Over half the students this year are women and there's the usual collection of students from around the world.

So, future students, my blog is getting a little less relevant over time, but I hope it still gives you a great idea of what life in the MBET program is like. If anyone else decided to blog MBET, please drop an email to ehenry@magma.ca or leave a comment with your blog address.
Monday, August 08, 2005
It's been nearly a year since we finished. The 2005 MBET class did very well in the business plan competition put on by UW and WLU.

Everyone from class is working now. I moved to Eloqua, in a full-time position as a Product Manager. For those wondering whether to do the MBET program or do a MBA at a more established school, it's only fair to point out that two full years after starting the whole MBET affair my salary is not any higher than it was before. Not that it wasn't a great program, but if your only interest is getting a better-paying job, do an MBA.
Friday, January 28, 2005
So, it's been about 6 months since we wrapped up school. I've gotten a few emails directly asking about job things so I thought I'd mention where some of my classmates have ended up.

Prem, the most entrepreneurial of the lot, has apparently obtained angel funding for his company. I think he'll go pretty far.

Three people, Harish, Maciek & Konrad, are at Workbrain. This is the first full-time position for each of them and they seem to be liking it.

Mansi and Andrea are both at Deloitte (I think - maybe a different accounting firm). They not doing accounting per se, but some other sort of procedural audit thing.

Montana got a job with Hatch Consulting and apparently jetted off to Moscow in her first few weeks of work. Owen returned to China and has a job doing HR for a company there. Rhodora is at CTD Photonics in Ottawa. Hani is back in Lebanon working with three different companies at once doing marketing. Matt is at a bank in Toronto. Tim is still looking for work, but has some solid leads and should close on something soon. Neven is still working on his consulting business. Al-Amin is working for a management consulting firm in Florida. Raghavan is back in India, working. Carlos and Claudia returned to Mexico but I haven't kept in touch, so I'm not sure if they're working yet or not. Henry is in sales at an accounting software company here in Toronto. And Joyce, Fahad and Dilmeet... I'm not sure.

And me of course. Still plugging away as a Product Manager here at Opalis. So I think most people have done alright. If it makes my life sound exciting, I went to England last week. But for the most part, I'm just working like everyone else. And it's good to know that everyone is indeed working.
Wednesday, October 13, 2004
So, I should really pronounce this blog as done. School is long over, I have a job and in 2 weeks I'll be convocating and getting my diploma. Perhaps I'll post a picture of the ceremony. If you've come here looking for info about the U of Waterloo MBET Program then go back to the beginning and have a look at what happened in the first year of the program. Send me an email if you're curious about more. And if you're heading into MBET, good luck!

Friday, September 17, 2004
  Roads & hotkeys
There's a funny story that's floated around forever that talks about technology standards and how the size of the solid rocket boosters on the space shuttle is dictated by the way Romans built their roads. The moral of the story? "Specifications and bureaucracies live forever."

Which I thought of as I composed an email in Outlook a few minutes ago... spell check in the Outlook main editor is assigned to F7. Using F-keys is generally not done in MS products, but this one is there and it's been used for a long time. And why? Well, because they had to copy what Word did and Word had spell check on F7. And why did Word have spell check on F7? Because WordPerfect did. It isn't as incongruous as space shuttles and horses perhaps but I find it amusing that Outlook 2003 has one of its many design decisions dictated by a piece of software that wasn't written by Microsoft, that was first written in the early 1980's and isn't even being used extensively any more. Word killed WordPerfect, but it couldn't kill F7 as spellcheck.
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